1801 March 10th/11th
1811 May 27th/28th
1821 May 28th/29th
1831 May 29th/30th
*In general, the above do not contain information of use to genealogists *

Midnight. Sun/Mon. 6/7th June.1841 (available)
Midnight. Sun/Mon. 30/31st March 1851 (available)
Midnight. Sun/Mon. 7/8th April 1861 (available)
Midnight. Sun/Mon. 2/3rd April 1871 (available)
Midnight. Sun/Mon. 3/4th April 1881 (available)
Midnight. Sun/Mon. 5/6th April 1891 (available)
Midnight. Sun/Mon. 31/1st March/April 1901 (available)

1911 Sun/Mon. April 2nd/3rd
1915 Parochial Census re Aliens Act
1921 Sun/Mon. June 19th/20th
1931 Sun/Mon. April 26th/27th (records lost to fire)
1939 29/30th Sept. (except service personnel for ID cards)
1941 (No census taken due to war)
1951 9th April (Mon.)
1961 24th April (Mon.)
1971 26th April (Mon.)
1981 6th April (Mon.)
1991 22th April (Mon.)
2001 29/30th April (Sun./Mon.)